Conversational French for Beginners (8 Mondays) ZOOM ONLY

$176 usd
+ available add-ons
Mon Sep 20, 1:30 PM - Mon Nov 8, 1:30 PM (PDT)

This class is offered (Zoom only). There are no refunds.

Instructor Evelyne Burridge

Master the basics (or brush up on) conversational French in this 8-week class series. Learn to introduce yourself, understand a menu, order food and wine, and improve your joie de vivre.

About Evelyne
“Bonjour, I am French from the South West of France, near Biarritz. I love teaching French, sharing my culture, and inspiring students to become fluent in French.”

Note: The course textbook is “Vis-à-Vis: Beginning French” 5th or 6th edition, by Amon, Muyskens, & Hadley. *A PDF of Chapter One will be emailed to students on first day of class should text book not be in hand. Minimum 4 students.Please take a moment to review our terms and conditions.


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