*RESCHEDULED* Fight Cyber Crime — Don't Be A Target!

Thu Jun 23, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
*RESCHEDULED* Fight Cyber Crime — Don't Be A Target!

Note: This presentation will be offered in-person.

Presented by: Laguna Beach Police Department, City of Laguna Beach Recreation Division and The Susi Q

Cyber crimes can come in many different forms, but they are ALL after the same thing — access to YOUR BANK and PERSONAL INFORMATION. Attaining perfect security is nigh impossible, but there are a number of steps all of us can take to protect ourselves. 

Join the Laguna Beach Police Department’s Community Services Officer Nicole Rice, and her partner Detective Mike Lee, for an important discussion and the steps we can all take to keep ourselves and our families #cybersafe.


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